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Rebel Branding is the marketing division of Rebel Corp Global. We are a full-service advertising agency providing top tier digital programs, TV, radio, print and complete branding packages. We pride ourselves in being a group of rebels, doing things differently to get you better results. Rebel Payments is our Merchant Services division through which we utilize a unique approach allowing our partners to maximize every dollar they work so hard to earn.

Our partners that combine our services are able to discover a new form of currency for their business from what, until now was just the cost of doing business. Businesses, large and small, all over the world are seeing an increase in traffic and revenue through our customized programs. Contact us today and find out how your business can increase its budgets to drive new revenue.

What we do?


Rebel Branding first studies any relevant and current data on your company, customers and competitors to create a complete custom program. Our model is to find the most effective and efficient use of your budget to maximize your business’ return of investment for every dollar spent.


Our team applies the most innovative technology, all of which is geared to maximize the effectiveness of our campaigns to reach your goals. From Artificial Intelligence to Automated Bid Management even our tools rebel against convention to help your business win.


Each of our programs is created specifically for the goals of each individual partnership. Our team works with your business to customize a strategy catered to your business. Whether a complete program, or an individual service there are no cookie cutter programs in the Rebelution.


If your business takes credit cards as a form of payment, you are paying fees for every transaction. We will use your credit card fees as a form of currency to enhance your marketing reach. This new currency will be used to pay for your website, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, software development, or marketing services. Now you have more funding to reinvest into the success of your business.

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